Musical Motivational Speaker

‘Coen Jutte’s musical approach is empowering and fun!’

Coen Jutte, educated as an engineer (University of Delft) and classical pianist, changed the focus of his work from management-consultant to international musician/entertainer. He has performed for prominent organizations such as Shell, the Dutch Royal Family, the National Government and many others to brighten up their conferences, (in)formal diners and private parties. 

Encouragement, inspiration and increasing your team-spirit

Within minutes audiences are laughing out loud, singing along together with piano music and listening with a smile when reflecting on their specific situation. Coen’s performance is especially applicable when your audience 

  • Deserves a bonding experience to increase their team-spirit or to create a ‘sense of family’.
  • Needs encouragement to pursue the goals of your organization.
  • Wishes to be inspired about new opportunities within changing times.

Mixing it up with music, humor and audience participation Coen can: 

  • Provide an empowering piece of entertainment at the end of the day or after lunch to keep people alert or at any other time slot during your conference.
  • Change a normal, cosy diner into a bonding experience your guests will never forget. He’ll make it happen with a professional drummer & his U-band : the ultimate evening of dining, conversation, laughter, singing along with the band and dancing.
  • Be the Master of Ceremonies of your awards program and spice it up with musical interventions, sparkling interviews and introductions 


Recent examples:

Alexandra Heemskerk, manager director Delta Amsterdam.

  • Winner of the Meetings & Incentive Travel Industry Worldwide Award for best Destination Management Company
  • Dinner for Euromic colleague’s with 37 different nationalities

    Dank voor de perfecte motivatie en begeleiding van onze Euromic avond, het was geweldig hoe positief uw speech ontvangen werd. U heeft werkelijk een groepsgevoel gecreëerd en de enthousiaste gasten lieten het blijken: iedereen wou zijn bijdrage leveren! Perfect!

    Thanks for the perfect motivating accompaniment to our Euromic evening. It was wonderful to see how positively your speech was received. You really did create a group feeling which was shown in the enthusiasm of the guests : everyone wanted to participate! Perfect!


Alexander van der Weiden, Eldon CMO

  • Swedish, an innovative and very succesful company in the industrial market for enclosure Solutions
  • Occasion: the annual meeting with top-management and sales agents

    Coen Jutte has contributed to making an international sales event a great success with his humoristic, interactive performance built on the new marketing initiatives and product launched during the show. Coen made our sales organization supermotivated!


Wessel de Jong, CEO Coca Cola Benelux

  • One of the most succesful organizations and most powerful brands of all times …
  • Occasion: informal diner during a strategic, 3-day session with the entire management of North-Western Europe (the U-band)

    We had a 3-day meeting with our staff and wanted some entertainment for an informal diner. But the U-band goes much further than that. They not only let us all sing together in a band, they also had us share a very pleasant and unique experience. I think that’s the clue for real team spirit. It’s makes people open up to each other and I’m sure it brought even our strategic sessions the day after to a higher level. 


Contact Coen Jutte:


tel.: +31 (0)6 20 07 25 07